Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana

Aeclectic Tarot Review

"Angelo Nasios’ book - Tarot Unlocking the Arcana - they have produced a first rate introduction to the tarot. This is a beautifully presented book, attractive in its layout, with high-quality paper, clear printing of black on white with blue headings in elegant script."

The Tarot has always been shrouded in mystery, with images and symbols often eluding interpretation. Now you can unlock the Arcana to study the basics and beyond! Gain understanding regarding symbolism and how the Tarot works to read reversals, set the mood for readings, and to explore your spiritual quest. Discover your relationship with the seven deadly sins and healthy virtues, determine and weigh your options, and examine dream interpretations. Consider your path through different layers of understanding, including astrological influences, numerology, mythological connections, philosophical relations, and evaluate Court card psychological dimensions. Work with powerful, self-reflective spreads unique to this book and review sample readings for major events broadcasted in the news and media. Learn fundamental history, debunk old-time myths, and discover the religious views on divination and the counterargument to its biblical objection. There is much to learn when you unlock the Arcana. Here's the key.

Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey

A simple and effective annual tarot calendar and journal to keep track of daily readings.

Keeping a record of Tarot readings to plot your growth over a year can be daunting. Now you can use this simple, effective, and beautiful annual tarot calendar and journal to keep track of your daily readings and seasonal occasions.

  • Foster a personal bond to your cards and create a permanent record to keep forever to understand and plan your special path.

  • Find out what the year may bring, record and reflect on daily and nightly readings, recognize patterns in your life, and connect personal experiences to the cards.

  • Begin your calendar journey at any time during the year.

  • Use the knowledge you accumulate to chart your spiritual progress through the Tarot.

"This gorgeous, hard-bound journal is quite possibly the perfect book. This is the kind of tarot journal I've always wanted - sturdy, pretty, with plenty of room for writing and lots of information that both tarot newbies and old hats will appreciate." - Theresa Reed

"I can't think of a better companion for the New Year than this journal...a great journal not only for self-reflection and to strengthen your tarot readings." - Mat Auryn