Tarot by the Moon - Book Review

Review of Tarot by the Moon - by Victoria Constantino

Angelo Nasios

9/22/20220 min read

Tarot by the Moon provides month-by-month tarot spreads, spells, and rituals to help you manifest the changes you want for yourself and your community. I think one of the challenging things about publishing in Tarot is the saturation of beginner how-to books/books filled with meanings. Speaking for myself, it is a challenge to come across books with something fun and exciting – I am happy to report that Tarot by the Moon fulfills my desire for something different and valuable. Victoria writes that the book is “for those who wish to create change in their lives and for those who are interested in understanding themselves, their path, and the world around them.” That is precisely what I want from a tarot book, and I recommend this book for that very reason that Tarot in action for me is about creating change and increasing your understandings of life. There are thirteen chapters, each focusing on a unique kind of full moon each month, and the thirteenth chapter for a blue moon.

Each moon is listed below: · January: The Wolf Moon · February: The Snow Moon · March: The Worm Moon · April: The Pink Moon · May: The Flower Moon · June: The Strawberry Moon · July: The Buck Moon · August: The Sturgeon Moon · September: The Harvest Moon · October: The Hunter Moon · November: The Beaver Moon · December: The Cold Moon

Victoria provides for you roughly six unique spreads for each month (except the blue moon) and three spells. There are also “sidebars” in each month, helpful tips such as the significance of numbers and their possible meaning if specific numbers repeat in a spread. I received the book in September; as part of my review, I tried out a spread from the book for the Harvest Moon of that month. The spread I did was called “Shifting Your Focus” – it is a seven-card spread that is used “to examine where it would benefit you to shift your focus, whether that is to spend more time with loved ones or to take the next step in that idea you’ve been mulling over.” The spread itself was useful and did yield insight for me. The less useful part of the book for my own practice is the spells. I am not much into spellcraft, but if you are, then those portions each month with spells may be of benefit to you. What I can say about the spells provided are that many of them are well thought out, and maybe one or two I would customize and try out if I was curious to give it a shot. All in all, I can definitely see myself coming back to this book every month to reflect on each full moon with the useful and unique spreads provided by Victoria. Tarot by the Moon makes for a solid addition to any Tarot library. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a new way to interact with your cards following the moon's cycle.

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