PODCAST - Review - Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods by Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor

This podcast episode summarizes my 5 part review that I have published on Substack.

Angelo Nasios

1/14/20230 min read

My review seeks to examine how these pagan/witch authors use scholarship in the construction of their religion.Critical reviews of Pagan/Witch-oriented books that draw on scholarship are needed. Speaking to her peers, classicist Sarah Iles Johnston, in Whose Gods are These? A Classicist Looks at Neopaganism has said:

…neopagans base their practices and systems of belief not only on the ancient sources but also, and even more directly, on the work of those who study the ancient sources – that is, they create their religions by drawing upon on the scholarship that we produce.

This review contributes toward understanding how Pagans and Witches use and misuse scholarship to create their religions and how Pagan/Witch authors present history in their work.I will also be reviewing the book for historical accuracy and will comment on anything I find to be worthy of critique.